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Manufacturer-direct Rubber Washers, O-Rings, Flange Gaskets, Sponge Weather Stripping, Plastic Washers, Rubber Grommets, other Gasket and Sealing Products
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Surplus, Discount Materials

Rubber, Sponge, Plastic, Gasket Sheets, & Other Materials Available at Huge Discounts

Most available in full or partial rolls or sheets, or slit, sheared or blanked to order, as well as die cut or otherwise fabricated to a custom shape.

Current Price-Availability on other Materials   Discount-Surplus | Sheet Rubber | Sponge Rubber | Foam Rubber | Plastic Sheets, Films | Composition Gasketing | Cork Composition | Non-Asbestos | Ceramic, Fiberglass | Metallic | RF/EMI | Adhesives

Please see Notes (below) for additional information.


  • Orders of five 5 or more items will be priced at the next lower price column.
  • Prices by whole sheet ("SH") or lineal feet ("FT") cut to length from master rolls of the width(s) stated as necessary.
  • Price breaks for "$100-$250" and over $250 (">$250") quantities apply to hypothetical value of quantity x first column ("<$100") prices.
  • Most sheet ("SH") and some roll ("FT") materials available in 1/4 (0.25) increments of Unit of Measure ("UM").
  • There are no minimums, per se, but orders for less than $100 are subject to Shipping & Handling charges up to $25.  Shipping and Handling is FREE on all standard product orders over $100.  (See Order Information for details.)
  • Please allow us to quote requirements for more than 10 items (including other products) or $500 (using first column pricing) on any single material.
  • Many of the same or similar materials available in odd shapes and sizes (e.g. round "centers", narrow rolls, etc.) at substantial savings.
  • Most materials available in about any conceivable slit, sheared, blanked, or die cut shape at nominal additional cost.  Please contact for technical assistance and quotations.
  • Please see Order Information for order, inquiry, and contact information.

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