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The following chart shows major supplier compound numbers of similar properties.

  Standard Gasket Parker Spec Seals Wynn's Precision National/ Hutchinson Acushnet Minnesota Rubber Parco
Viton (Black)HK7A1V747-75V700-7519357V14F13664514AD9009-75
Viton (Brown)HK7A2V884-75V708-7516207V35F13327---9005-75
FDA Buna-NBG7A2N1069-70
Buna-N, 90 DuroBG9A1N552-90N140-908309C90H144339477B4177-90

The above cross references are not intended to imply strict equivalency, but, rather, general compatibility in application.   While differences are generally insignificant, each of the above compounds are proprietary formulas bearing unique physical properties and performance qualities.  

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