Custom Die Cutting

Stocking over 1,000 gasket and sealing materials with over 10,000 Dies in our catalog allows us to ship custom die cut gaskets and seals within 3-4 weeks on average.

Die Cut Plastic Shims

MI carries a full line of standard and semi-standard plastic shims from .003 to .030, and can easily manufacture virtually any design to customer specifications with little or not tooling charges.

Mechanical Shearing

Used primarily in the preparation of sheeted materials for subsequent die cutting and other finishing processes, our mechanical shearing capabilities are one of Metro Industries core manufacturing capacities.

Roll & Log Slitting Services

As a primary function of our steel rule die cutting operation, sponge stripping, rubber tank stripping, and several other products and services, Metro Industries incorporates three in-house slitting processes capable of precisely slitting most soft to semi-rigid rolled materials.  Machine slitting capacities go up to 60″ width and 36″ diameter rolls with some limitations.


Our laminating services incorporate several different types of equipment and fixtures in order to bond layers of materials and, more commonly, to apply pressure sensitive adhesive and peel-off liners, an option available on most materials.  This is commonly done prior to final die cutting or slitting to final configuration.

Custom Rubber Extruding

Extruded rubber is process of manufacturing 2-D Shapes and profiles in a continuous length. Common Extruded Rubber profiles include Round, Rectangle, Square, D-Shape, T-Shape, L-Shape,

Metro Industries can quote custom rubber extrusions based on customer supplied engineered drawings. Utilizing our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to ensure the product conforms to all customer specifications.

Custom Rubber Molding

As opposed to sheet rubber and extruding, which are both inherently limited to two-dimensional shapes, rubber molding allows truly three-dimensional configurations to be made.   Molding can also reduce the amount of waste created by external web and internal cut-outs inherent in parts fabricated from sheet rubber.