Roll Slitting

Roll & Log Slitting Services

As a primary function of our steel rule die cutting operation, sponge stripping, rubber tank Roll Slitting Machinestripping, and several other products and services, Metro Industries incorporates three in-house slitting processes capable of precisely slitting most soft to semi-rigid rolled materials.  Machine slitting capacities go up to 60″ width and 36″ diameter rolls with some limitations.

Custom Roll Slitting & Partial Roll Slitting

In addition to custom services, partial rolls of most materials are available slit-to-width at Rubber and Sponge Roll Slittervery low minimums.  This includes a wide variety of sheet rubber, sponge rubber, vegetable fibers, corks, vulcanized fiber (fishpaper), paper products, plastic films, plastic sheets, and other gasketing materials.   Most are available with standard pressure sensitive adhesives with peel-off backing or engineered grades for special application requirements.

Standard price lists complete with quantity breaks are forthcoming, but we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to quote any requirements you have in the meantime.  We don’t think you’ll regret it.  We would also be happy to provide technical assistance and/or quotation on any material roll slitting or slit material requirements you have…and the price of that is always free.