O-Ring Prices

70 Duro Buna-N O-Ring Price List
70 Duro Buna-N O-Ring Price List (190.1 KB, 4153 downloads)
75 Duro Black Viton O-Ring Prices
75 Duro Viton O-Ring Price List (189.4 KB, 2779 downloads)

70 Duro Silicone O-Ring Prices
70 Duro Silicone O-Ring Price List (189.5 KB, 2238 downloads)


Minimum Purchase Requirements

  • O-Rings are priced per piece with the minimum order being the lowest price break offered. Line Item Minimums are typically around $25 per Line.
  • Exported O-Ring Orders are Subjected to a $250 Minimum Order Value with a $50 per Line Item Minimum.


  • All O-Rings are Packaged Bulk in a clear poly bag. High volume orders may be split into multiple poly bags. All bags are labeled with the Quantity and Part Number.

Lead Times

  • Lead Times will vary depending on stock, factory stock and industry demand.
  • In stock orders typically ship within 3 working days.
  • If the O-Rings are not in stock the lead times can range from 3-4 weeks to 12-16 weeks depending on order volume and industry availability.

Stocking Program

  • Customer Places annual blanket order with scheduled releases and shipment quantities
  • Metro procures the O-Rings in bulk and holds for release.
  • Customer enjoys volume price breaks and short lead times.

Additional Discounts

  • Additional discounts are available for high volume orders exceeding $500 in value.