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Founded in 1967 by Norman Garrett, Metro Industries, Inc., has distinguished itself as a premier manufacturer-distributor of rubber gaskets and seals plus custom die cut, molded, and extruded components for virtually every industry under the sun.  During the last 42 years, Metro has grown from a small, family owned and operated shop to a world-class supplier of large and small original equipment manufacturers and distributors, including many multinational Fortune 500 companies.

Now beyond three relocations and numerous expansions, Metro has evolved with the times, largely due to the high standards of customer satisfaction built in from the beginning by Founder Norm Garrett.  For instance, even before demands for shorter lead times and on time deliveries became industry standards, Metro incorporated both early and late shipment dates that print on all work orders and systematically measured our own performance.  As quality demands of original equipment manufacturers have increased, Metro responded by formalizing its QA procedures into a complete ISO 9001:2008 program.   And Metro never needed a formal partnership agreement or other solicitation to continually seek ways to cut our customers’ cost and/or improve the quality of their components.  Maybe we’re old fashioned, but the Metro way has always been aimed at nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction, and that has proven to more than cover whatever else our clients require.

Though we can and do gladly comply with often rigid requirements set forth by large companies, we haven’t lost our interest in serving the small guy or skipped a beat in our willingness or ability to respond to unique circumstances.  Although others see things differently, we have found focused diversity an enhancement to our business, not a handicap.   For instance, serving the requirements of smaller companies and demands isn’t really any different than serving the special requirements of larger companies, which we consider an essential element of our own success.  The same goes for our dual focus on standard and non-standard products:  By applying inventory and supply systems designed for standard products to selective custom fabricated products, we are able to supply even custom designed OEM components as though “virtual” standard off-the-shelf products.

By concentrating on customer satisfaction, we are like a self-motivated, self-correcting employee — the kind of supplier that is good to have around.