Buna-N Rubber Washers

Standard Buna-N Rubber Washers

Metro industries Rubber Washer GraphicMetro Industries offer a full line of USA Manufactured Die Cut Standard Buna-N/NBR Rubber Washers to fit most Standard Screw Sizes.

Buna-N Material Properties

Our Standard Buna-N Rubber Washers are made from a Commercial Grade Buna-N. Commercial Grade Buna-N offers moderate oil resistance. Applications involving heavy exposure to petroleum based fluids such as grease, gasoline, hydraulic fluid or oil may require a High Grade Buna-N or Specification Grade Buna-N. Contact our Sales Staff if your application involves elements that may not be suitable for Commercial Grade Buna-N.

Standard Buna-N Rubber Washers

Price List
Buna-N Standard Rubber Washer Price List (234.1 KB, 3306 downloads)
Material Specifications
RSBN-E60 60 Duro Commercial Grade Buna-N (136.5 KB, 3959 downloads)