Rubber Grommets

Standard Rubber Grommets

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MI’s standard line of rubber grommets includes 123 different size options made of durable high grade SBR rubber (the same base elastomer of most tires), which is engineered to resist abrasion, tearing, ozone and weather-related aging, and moderate petroleum product resistance.

Three-Way Discount
  1. Volume Discounts in 3-tiered price columns.
  2. Multi-Item Discounts: 6+ item orders automatically priced in next lower tier than otherwise applicable.
  3. FREE Shipping & Handling on orders over $100 (see Order Info for details, limitations).
SBR Rubber Grommets
SBR Rubber Grommet Prices (149.1 KB, 3249 downloads)
Buna-N Rubber Grommets
Buna-N Rubber Grommet Prices (137.1 KB, 2098 downloads)

No Tooling Charges on Standard Grommet Sizes

All standard dimensioned grommets are available (with zero tooling/mold costs) in other compounds suited to particular application requirements like Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, Buna-N, and Viton (Fluoroelastomer).  We would be happy to assist and/or quote according to your needs.

Minimum Rubber Grommet Orders

We are working towards offering select rubber grommets in lower quantities, but in the meantime, minimum purchases begin under $100 per item, with generous price breaks for greater quantities PLUS multiple item orders.  We will gladly try to work with you on breaking orders into smaller releases, and would appreciate the opportunity to special quote requirements for over 12 rubber grommet styles, quantities notably exceeding our standard price breaks, or to meet target or competitive pricing pressures.

Semi-Standard & Custom Rubber Grommets

MI has innumerable standard and semi-standard sized rubber grommets available, and can supply virtually any configuration of size, style, and material compound…without expensive tooling/mold costs in many cases.

Rubber Grommet Material Specifications

ASTM D-2000/SAE J200 ClassAA, BABF, BG, BK
Standard Durometer6050
Custom Durometer40,50,70,8040,60,70,80
Low Temp-60°F/-65°C-60°F/-65°C
High Temp180°F/68°C250°F/107°C
Tensile Strength, Max/psi25003000
General Properties (for comparison purposes) P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = ExcellentSBRBuna-N
Impact StrengthEG
Abrasion ResistanceEE
Tear ResistanceFG
Oil ResistancePE
Fuel ResistancePE
Weather AgingFG
Heat AgingGG
Water Swell ResistanceEE
Flame ResistancePP
Electrical ResistanceEF