Silicone Rubber Washers

Standard Silicone Rubber Washers
Metro industries Rubber Washer GraphicMetro Industries offers a full line of Standard Silicone Rubber Washers to fit most Standard Screw Sizes. If you can’t find a size that works check out our Semi-Standard and Customer Washers.

Silicone Rubber Washer Material Properties

Silicone offers excellent aging, ozone and temperature resistance. It is rated to withstand temperatures up to +400 F and also offers good low temperatures down to -40 F. Specification Grade Silicone’s can go as high as +500 F or as low as -197 F. Silicone is available in an FDA Grade and Fluoro-Silicone. Silicone is also available in a Sponge for low compression applications.

Standard Silicone Rubber Washer Prices

Price List
Silicone Standard Rubber Washer Price List (233.7 KB, 2985 downloads)
Material Specifications
RSSI-D60 60 Duro Red Silicone Rubber (135.3 KB, 946 downloads)