O-Ring Cross Reference

The following chart shows major supplier compound numbers of similar properties.

  Standard Gasket Parker Spec Seals Wynn’s Precision National/ Hutchinson Acushnet Minnesota Rubber Parco
Buna-N BG7A1 N674-70 N100-70 7507 B46 H14327 366Y 4200-70
Silicone GE7A1 S604-70 S500-70 11357 S59 L13402 71417C 1235-70
Viton (Black) HK7A1 V747-75 V700-75 19357 V14 F13664 514AD 9009-75
Viton (Brown) HK7A2 V884-75 V708-75 16207 V35 F13327 9005-75
EPDM CA7A1 E603-70
E300-70 3077 E14 E17016 559N 5601-70
FDA Buna-N BG7A2 N1069-70
N168-70 7077 C22 H14100 275B 2068-B
Buna-N, 90 Duro BG9A1 N552-90 N140-90 8309 C90 H144339 477B 4177-90

The above cross references are not intended to imply strict equivalency, but, rather, general compatibility in application.   While differences are generally insignificant, each of the above compounds are proprietary formulas bearing unique physical properties and performance qualities.