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Click here to view multi-tier, discount o-ring prices with package quantities starting under $10 plus generous quantity discounts for OEM’s and resellers.

O-Ring Sales and Distribution

Item minimums beginning at less then $10.00 with 3 additional quantity-discount price columns covering the volume pricing needs of original equipment manufacturers and resellers.

  • Online O-Ring Price & Discount Schedule  – If you’ve looked around the internet, you know that easy to read o-ring price lists are a rarity, and openly published quantity discounts are virtually non-existent.We give our competitors a bit of an advantage by letting them see our prices (while their’s remain hidden), but we think the service it provides our customers is ample consolation.   If we were the only game in town, consumers would have no reason to trust us, but that isn’t the case…we’re just the only ones willing to give our best prices to everyone, not just the more astute consumers.
  • Three-Way Discounts
    1. Generous volume discounts in 4-tiered price columns with item minimums beginning around $10 each.
    2. Multi-item order discounts — Orders of 20 items or more priced at next lower tier pricing; 50 item orders priced at second lower price bracket.
    3. Free Shipping & Handling on all orders over $100 (limitations apply; please see Order Info for details).
  • Complete O-Ring Dimensions,Tolerances, Material Specification, Material Cross References, Chemical Resistance, O-Ring Material Selection Guide, and other Information – You shouldn’t have to ask to know what’s in common commodities like canned chili and rubber o-rings, and we’re working hard to give you the information you need about the products we offer.  We’ve already outpaced all our internet competition on this count, but still have much to do, so if you don’t find the answers you need, please let us know…”information highway” notwithstanding, we’re probably still the fastest, easiest, and friendliest source for the information you need on o-rings and rubber products in general.

Consumer Information

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